Brace yourself Folks: It is Time to Bring Fun Back into Fitness

Despite many prevailing notions, exercise does not have to involve hour-long, tedious sweat sessions. You do not even have to set time aside for the gym or invest a truckload of money in fitness. Thus, having no time for physical activity is just a lousy excuse. What is worse, it sets you up for a trip down the road of accumulated stress, poor health, lack of control, and plummeting levels of energy. On the other hand, the realm of fitness has many highways and byways you can explore them all in order to make exercise an integral part of an active lifestyle.  

Keep moving

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So, cut out all the excuses. The goal is to embed fitness into your daily reality and get in shape on your own terms. Those who brag about how exercise is boring have been doing it wrong all the time. They overlook one big truth: physical activity needs to make you feel good. Hence, we will not force you to run on a treadmill for an hour. Instead, we present jolly fitness at its best.  And rest assured that it is not only fun and games.

First off, you have to realize that a sedentary lifestyle is the great bane of health. Sitting for prolonged periods of time is associated with increased risk of metabolic syndromes, diabetes, heart attack, obesity, etc. So, in case you have a desk job, take a break every now and then and do some walking, secret office workouts, or stretching. A particularly good time for a walk is after lunch, as it helps with digestion. A light stroll does the trick and it also keeps your head clear.

Run for it

One does not even have to exercise for 30 minutes in a row to reap the opulent benefits of a workout: short bursts of activity throughout the day can be just as effective. Those who seek something different can dance their way to fitness. Zumba and Bollywood-style dancing are spreading like wildfire and their popularity does not come as a surprise. After all, you have the chance to hang out with other people, listen to music and shred the dance floor. All the twisting and turning helps you burn calories and tone your muscles.
Furthermore, you should consider walking or biking to work. Some activity before a workday does miracles in terms of gaining sharper focus, boosting the metabolism, and elevating energy levels. Another great way to get moving is skateboarding, and it is loads of fun. You can check out custom skateboards and cruise the concrete jungle with swag and style. At the very least, avoid elevators and escalators and hit those stairs like you are running away from a horde of starving zombies.
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Speaking of the undead menace, we come to a true breath of fresh air, a gamified approach to fitness. Namely, Zombies, Run! is an innovative game, which motivates you to go for a run. It allows you to become the main character of a thrilling story, listen to an emergency radio broadcast, collect supplies, and run away from the walking dead. Pokemon Go is another app that incentivizes people who would otherwise stay home to get active. And if you do not feel like chasing strange critters, there is a slew of other platforms for Android and iOS.

Footloose and fancy-freex

It is high time to rethink your daily routines and sneak in physical activity wherever you can. Strive to be creative and think outside the box. Get your metabolism revved up and your heart pumping without all the stress, pressure, and strain. Hell, you can even work out effectively without even realizing it. If you do it right, exercise becomes too fun to skip. You will be able to build good habits and facilitate a positive change in life. Remember that every small decision counts and every choice adds up.  

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