4 Makeup Trends That You're About To See Everywhere

Every fashionista out there knows that makeup is no different than accessories or clothes – it’s embellishment for your face and the “oomph” that can fix even the worst of moods in just a few swipes. There is something very powerful in realizing you are the artist of your face for the day, every day... don’t you think? Emphasizing what’s already beautiful is a form of self-love, and that’s precisely why we love makeup and everything that has to do with it.

Observing the latest makeup trends, we’ve pretty much realized the gushing-over saga is about to begin with these stand-out moments:

Statement lips

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To the girls who are big on lip color, whether you prefer unexpected brights or more subdued nudes, it appears that you’ll be enjoying a variety of options. Things are moving from matte Crimson that’s giving an instant skin-brightening effect to every face to Electric Orange that’s incredibly striking and somewhat exciting. We are picturing summer nights in Miami paired with this hue, although the color works perfectly even before the summer.
A real surprise is the shimmery silver that appeared almost holographic, with an almost lip-plumping effect. Further, we’re really excited about the Baby Blue that makes a statement no matter your skin tone. For a subtler, toned down look, there’s Chestnut Rose which is a mix of nude and pink. Absolutely gorgeous!
Magenta and Glitter were another two surprises we went crazy about; they work perfectly together, but look equally amazing when worn separately. Glitter combines perfect with any base color, depending on your mood.

Inverted face

Inverted face
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We all kind of got bored with the “natural” look we’ve been seeing for the past two years, so it was about time makeup artists introduced a little pizazz into the whole jam. 2017 runways put focus on faces, which is amazing! From upside down eyes to primary colors and face ornaments (one of our favorite is pearls in the corners of the eyes), the runways were beaming with makeup risks.
So, what exactly is this upside down eyes, thing? It’s the undereye makeup trend that’s pushing the envelope. Unlike clean and very finicky makeup on the top lid we’ve been seeing so far, this one focuses on the undereye and avoids anything pedantic. Curl it up, smudge it, do whatever you like – as long as you avoid the ordinary.
As for the primary colors trend, we’ve spotted red, blue and yellow as the three hues for all the girls feeling particularly adventurous. Apart from the bold colors, there are shapes on the eyes, too! So, if you are looking to spice things up, get your hands on some red eye paint and create a bold rectangle that goes over the edge of your brow or use yellow eyeshadow for statement. Make sure the yellow you use is almost artificially bright, though... no one is after that sickly look.
To girls who are way to awesome to care, do note: black on the eyes is back, and it’s back big time. Forget flicking out a little wing, rimming your waterlines, forget softly smudging: stock up on black shadow and make your eyes look part edgy, part alien!

Twiggy is back… on the eyes

Twiggy eyes image source: 1, 2

A twist on Twiggy eyes has dominated the 2017 runway, and it was brilliant. Part looking like creepy porcelain dolls, part as the most gorgeous seductresses ever, the models rocked their Ardell Lashes, leaving everyone simply amazed. The looks were sublime, and we have a feeling that the trend of fake lashes is here to stay. Sure, we’ve been seeing the fakes for a while now but this time around, they’ve come with a fresh take nobody’s expected.

Straight, boyish brows

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Finally! It’s out with the overdone and in with the dramatic, squared-off arches that look severe! Apparently, makeup artists have decided to bring straight brows back as they’re making us look younger and fresher. So, leave tweezers aside and reach for a tinted gel to hold freshly brushed brows. Amazing, right?
Makeup is a form of creative freedom, and we believe these trends will encourage you to experiment even more!

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