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DevOps is the blending of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that amplify an organization’s capability to deliver applications and services at high speed: developing and improving products at a more rapid pace than companies using conventional software development methods and infrastructure management processes. This velocity enables companies to better serve their customers and compete more efficiently in the market.
Different Techniques / practices that Experts follow while using DevOps ideology
Agile planning and project management practices are used to make plans and isolate work into sprints, handle team capacity, and assist teams quickly familiarize to the changes in the business needs.
Version control, allows teams situated anywhere in the world to share source and incorporate with software development tools to automate the release pipeline.
Continuous Integration impels the ongoing merging and testing of code, which leads to finding imperfections early.  Other benefits comprises of less time wasted on fighting merge issues and quick advice for development teams. – DevOps Online Training
Continuous Delivery of software solutions to developing and testing environments help companies swiftly fix bugs and react to ever-changing business necessities.
Monitoring of developing and running apps containing production environments for application health as well as customer usage assist companies to form a assumptions and speedily authenticate or disprove strategies. 
Infrastructure as Code is a strategy which facilitates the automation and corroboration of creation and teardown of networks and virtual machines to aid with delivering safe, steady application hosting platforms.
Microservices architecture is followed to separate business use cases into small reusable services.  This architecture enables scalability and effectiveness.
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