Can Mother Nature Bless us with a Manly Amount of Testosterone?

Hormones are chemical substances that regulate functions such as digestion, reproduction, metabolism, growth and mood. They play a vital role in every aspect of our life, yet one substance produced in the testicles stands out from the rest. Testosterone is hailed as a centerpiece of manliness, a hormone that distinguishes us from females. Thus, there are plenty of reasons to keep track of testosterone levels and keep them in the normal range.

Ups and downs

Believe it or not, tweaking a single hormone in your body has the power to transform your mental and physical condition. Namely, high levels of testosterone are associated with better sleep, mood, sex drive, energy levels, muscle growth, etc. On the flip side, low amounts of this hormone lead to mental fogginess, erectile dysfunction, depression, increased body fat, strength loss and deteriorating work performance. The bad news is also that it takes time and effort to turn the tide.

The normal hormonal range is pretty wide, and fluctuations within it do not have a significant effect on your goals. This has not stopped testosterone replacement therapies and supplements from taking off, and creating a whole new market. This does not come as a surprise since testosterone is deemed to be the main hormonal drive behind muscle and strength gains. Although some of these methods bring tangible results, we are interested in harnessing safe, natural means of shifting the hormonal picture.

A fine balance

First of all, diet is an exceptional testosterone enhancer. Surprisingly enough, dietary fat has an important role to play, managing not only hormonal production, but also cell maintenance and insulin sensitivity. The amount of fat you require from your daily calorie intake varies, depending on your physical activity and muscle mass. In any regard, switching from a low-fat to a high-fat one does elevate testosterone level, albeit not substantially.

Carbohydrates are another crucial piece of the puzzle. A high-carb diet is tied to higher insulin and lower cortisol levels. The combination of these two conditions allows testosterone production to pick up, and set the anabolic stage for improved muscle growth. On the other hand, a low-carb diet impedes body recovery and strength gains. And as for proteins, we all know that a high-protein diet is beneficial in many ways, however, it does not have an impact on hormonal production.

Therefore, a healthy, non-obese person, who exercises on a regular basis, should opt for a high-carb diet, with a lot of proteins and fats added to the mix. It is of utmost importance to realize that this is only a step in the right direction, with many others to follow. Nutrition alone cannot make a real difference— it must be complemented with exercise. If you are unsure if you can hit the right balance with however much effort you put into it, you can always turn to nutritional supplements as an additional helping hand. Make sure you only go for a trusted brand, t hough, such as Legion Athletics for example, namely a brand which will not try to sell you something untested and unsafe.

Getting active

As we have already addressed diet, we shall now turn to exercise. Even though there is nothing wrong with it per se, many people make the mistake of doing too much cardio. Well, this actually puts too much stress on the body, reducing the level of testosterone and raising cortisol. You are much better off toning down on this form of exercise and employing resistance training. So, put on some weightlifting clothes and pump some iron in the gym. Sitting around all day and dreaming of more masculine power will do you no good.

Focus should be put on compound exercises like the deadlift, bench press or squat. In general, workout routines that combine traditional strength and bodybuilding training produce the best results, maximizing both muscle growth and testosterone level. Finally, try to go for low-rep and high-weight, and if you cannot do without cardio, do high-intensity interval training. A balanced strategy will pay off after a couple of months, so do not even muse on throwing in the towel before that.

The hormonal key

To really move the needle, you will have to reconsider your lifestyle choices, and build healthy habits, instead of relying on quick fixes like supplements. If there is such a thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, then it is the synergy of healthy nutrition and physical activity. Break bad habits and commit to displaying perseverance on a daily basis. A testosterone-packed hormonal profile is your key to opening the doors of the life you have always wanted.

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