13 Habits of Super Fitness Tracker Users

Midnight was approaching, and Cheryl Thompson realized she hadn’t reached her 10,000 steps for the day yet. So the 44-year-old accountant did what any fitness tracker user would do: She started looping around her kitchen and living room. “I hit 10,000 at 11:59,” she recalls. yes“I was so obsessed with making sure I got it.”

Thompson, 44, won Life Time Fitness’s 30-day Fitbit challenge in Tempe, Arizona, this fall when she averaged about 25,000 steps, or 12.5 miles, every day. Her secret strategy? Run on the elliptical while catching up on Netflix shows.

But surpassing 10,000 daily steps – the recommended number for the average person that equals about 5 miles – isn’t easy.

“Most people sit all day long, and often one workout one hour out of 24 hours isn’t enough to meet those minimum health recommendations,” says Nicole Nichols, a certified personal trainer and editor-in-chief of SparkPeople.com. Running 3 miles still won’t cut it, she points out. “If I would run in the morning or teach a spinning class, I would not even get the recommended 10,000 steps in a day – even with the workout,” she says.

So how are you supposed to reach that 10,000 magic number, especially if you have a desk job or drive most places because walking isn’t an option? We asked fitness tracker users who exceed 10,000 steps every day for their tips and tricks. If you want to achieve the gold standard of steps, strap on your tracker, and give these a try.

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