Yoga and Weightlifting: A Match Made in Heaven

At first sight, one might think that yoga and weightlifting have nothing in common. While yoga seems to be all about stretching, breathing and relaxing, weightlifting is about developing the strength and size of skeletal muscles. Doing yoga on a regular basis has many well-known advantages, but it’s a general misconception that this ancient healing philosophy is contrary to weightlifting. Numerous successful sportsmen, as well as yogis, proved exactly the opposite. Here’s how.


Due to their musculature, weightlifters can never achieve the flexibility level of a yogi, but yoga can help improve muscle flexibility and mobility nevertheless. Our bodies have two important groups of muscles – agonist, which cause a certain movement, and antagonist, which oppose by controlling and slowing it down. The trouble is with antagonist muscles since they’re usually not flexible enough but short yoga sessions can help with that problem. For those of you who lift weight because you’re into professional bodybuilding, it’s good to know that power yoga and advanced yoga classes can positively affect your posing endurance. Posing has a major role in bodybuilding competitions, therefore, gracefulness and muscle flexibility coming from yoga can help you rank higher every time.

Aggression and relaxation

A study conducted by Kowsar Medical Institute showed that atavistic residues of aggressive behavior caused by testosterone level still exists in modern men. Weightlifting demands nutrition packed with proteins and carbs and getting psyched up before each workout. Since these two can lead to higher testosterone level when combined, relaxing techniques are more than welcome for weightlifters. Yoga, on the other hand, can be as body-challenging as heavy lifting is, but no matter how hard you sweat and strain your muscles, you’ll always feel relaxed afterward. That’s why yoga complements weightlifting very well. Not only that it can soothe workout-caused aggression, but also helps with everyday stress, anxiety, and even depression.


Every fitness expert will tell you the same – injuries are a number one enemy of every workout. This also applies to weightlifting – if your body is in pain, you can’t make a progress. Sure, you can try and “suck it up” but you can’t trick your brain. Even the smallest pain sends a signal to your brain telling it to decrease the intensity of your muscle contractions. In case you were wondering – that’s why you’re not gaining muscles and getting stronger even though you diet well and lift weights a lot. And guess what’s the best way to prevent injuries? Stretching. That’s where yoga comes to the rescue. The repetitive range of motions weightlifters do such as bench press, shoulder press, and deadlifts lead to muscle shortening. Yoga is great for stretching and restoring a normal range of motions, as well as for reducing stiffness in your joints, which is another big problem for weightlifters.


Ask any yogi about their diet, and they’ll tell you that eating is perhaps the single most important act of their yoga practice. “You are what you eat” is more than just an old saying, it’s a simplified way to say that nourishment for the body forms a foundation for nourishment of the mind and emotions. Experienced weightlifters know the importance of powerful protein-packed meals but yogi-diet can be as beneficial. Eating alkaline foods to reduce the acidity of the body also improves blood circulation and strengthens the heart. Avoiding processed sugar and focusing on good fats as one of the main energy sources will provide you with extra energy and boost your results. This is especially valuable when it comes to your pre-workout routine. You’ll need energy so balance your nutrition and don’t hesitate to go further in order to enhance your workout session – try C4 Cellucor pre-workout supplement for an extra energy boost.
Yoga and weightlifting really are a match made in heaven so go ahead, try both, and be amazed by what your body can do.

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