Branding for Personal Trainers - Why It Matters

In an industry that’s highly competitive, understanding the concepts of marketing and branding is very important. People keep banging their head against the wall, not managing to comprehend why their startup had failed even though their ideas, products and services were unique, interesting, and practical.

Have you considered branding yourself? You are a personal trainer and your own brand. You’ve spent years paying close attention to your diet, working out, and figuring out how to transfer that knowledge and experience to those who need it. However, “business is business”, but some people find it impossible to think of themselves as their own product. Like it or not, no matter if you’re an amateur or a pro, reaching higher levels of success requires you to think this way.

What is a Brand?

What pops into your mind when you think Nike? “Just Do It” and the curvy logo. Coca-Cola? The color red, the curvy font, and those classic small glass bottles. The product selection becomes easier when you remember and have positive associations with a certain brand name. Brand can be defined as a proprietary visual, rational, emotional and cultural image that you associate with a specific product or company.
A brand needs to have its own personality and clearly state a message. If you were a product, what would you be like? You might not like wearing the uniform your company has provided you, but they are branding themselves by your wearing it. Observe the most valuable brands of today, learn and apply the rules to yourself.

How to Strengthen Your Personal Trainer Brand?

Have a powerful website. Have a short and memorable domain name, so it can be remembered easily. Potential customers will surely look you up online, and that’s where you’ll have them converted from only ‘potential’ to ‘real’ clients. Imagine your ideal client and address their weak points, convey a strong message, present your success stories, make a compelling offer. All in all, describe your values and show them your purpose.

It’s also about the small things. What will set you apart from other PTs is incorporating those small things into your brand. For example, give your clients branded journals instead of stapled workout sheets. Provide them with branded workout outfits when they reach their fitness goals. Use services from companies like Amazing WristBands, have your brand name and logo printed, and give your clients a USB wrist band containing your company info and their workout programs. It will all increase your brand awareness.

Wear the logo. There are ways to wear your brand inconspicuously, because you might not be able to wear it in a public gym. Design your T-shirts in a way that doesn’t bring too much attention, but enough for someone to be able to read it quickly when near. Have them made up in your corporate colors, with a small logo on the chest, and your website URL underneath.
Leverage the social media. I don’t think that explaining how powerful social media platforms are today is necessary. And that’s why you should use it. Give nutritional information, post videos of yourself talking about important questions or performing exercises, and get your brand to wider audiences. It’s about building relationships and credibility. If you don’t have enough time to run your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile, outsource a social media manager, and reap the benefits of your social media activities.

Public behavior. When you go to a public gym, you’re surrounded by potential clients and they’re watching you. The interaction and work ethic you put in with your clients, as well as your behavior, all matter. It can say a lot about you, your commitment to the work, and your brand. Don’t spend your time talking with your clients instead of focusing on the workout. Always be aware of your actions.

Make sure you maintain a good business policy. You know you can work hard and you get sucked into working IN your business. However, you can easily forget to work ON your business. Brand yourself for future success. Ask yourself – what makes me so special? What are you going to be known for in this world? Think of the right name and logo, and work harder to reach people’s attention. The competition is fierce, making it harder to stand out, while standing out is the best way to build yourself a name to remember.

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