The Most Memorable Makeup in the Movies [Infographic]

We know some of you have your minds made up and are going to be America’s hardest twerking sweetheart: Miley Cyrus. But for most us, there’s still a lot to decide on! Funny Costume? Scary Costume? Sexy Costume? Hybrid of those three if that’s possible? Celebrity? High Heels? Mask? Do it yourself or buy it online? The questions go on and on.

We’ll agree that a lot goes into a costume but one thing is for sure…we can help you pull off the makeup of some of Hollywood’s most memorable characters. We created a list of some of our favorite Hollywood makeup jobs over the decades and provided insight on how the look was achieved.
Take a look and see if these makeup tips help you achieve your Hollywood/Halloween look! Lastly, we also have temporary tattoos and a variety of other products to help you really pull it off.

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