What One should Know about Diet Pills' Therapy

Millions of people are suffering from excess weight nowadays. It becomes the reason of awful illnesses, complications of health state and even deaths. The roots of such state of things lie in the passive way of life, wrong and unhealthy diets, bad ecology, and some other factors. Perhaps everyone knows the basic rules that might help you to stay away from getting overweighted. The main recommendations are to have more physical activity and healthy eating. Due to some reasons many patients find it impossible to follow these simple things. Diet pills earn more popularity among this category of patients. The proficiency of these pills is still rather disputable, yet thousands of people leave positive feedbacks, as well as others, leave negative ones. In the following article you will find out some basic information about this type of medicines, who can take them, and what are the risks and benefits of such treatment.

Main Types of Diet Pills

There are several types of diet pills. They all have one goal, to help you to lose weight, yet they have different ways of acting.

Appetite suppressants

This type of medicines was developed for patients who cannot stop eating much due to mental disorders. Some of them increase the level of serotonin, which is the chemical element that helps to regulate appetite. Duromine and Phentermine are the most popular cures of this type, click here to get to know more about these medicines.

Another group of appetite suppressants acts by increasing the level of adrenalin in blood. It causes the energetic effects, blocks the feeling of hunger and stimulates the fat burning. This type of appetite suppressants has a great number of side effects concerning the mental disorders and heart diseases. Such medicines were first used as stimulants before extreme physical activity.

Hormonal Pills

The improper functioning of thyroid gland often appears to be the reason of gaining an excess weight. There are cures that help to normalize the levels of these hormones. This is the only case when such treatment is allowed, in all other cases, it may cause the problems with the hormonal system that will lead to another, even worth complications.

Medicines Blocking the Absorption of Fat

The effect of these drugs is achieved by blocking the enzyme called lipase which is responsible for fat absorption. During the course of such pills patients have to stick to a strict, low-fat diet. Otherwise, the effect will be hardly positive and the chances of getting side effects increase.

There are also some drugs that combine the features of different types; they can be called of a mixed type.

Main Disadvantages of Diet Pills

First of all, you should remember that most of the diet pills contain the elements that may cause an impact on your health, and that's why most of them can be bought only with a prescription. Before starting the course of the medicines, one should first consult the professional nutritionist. After learning the medical history and passing all necessary health examination he will help you to determine the class of the pills and the dosages that will be effective and most safe for you.

The side effects may vary due to the class of the cure. The most common ones are problems with the liver and kidneys, heart diseases and mental disorders.

As the practice shows, the effect of diet pills rarely lasts for a long time. Patients often gain the weight back and even more than it was before the course.

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