Disposable Cannabis Vape Pens VS. Reusable Vape Pens
Over 55 million people will become vapers by 2012, according to the WHO. Many new vapers are presented with an overwhelming number of options. Choices are definitely a good thing, but it can be paralyzing.

There comes a crossroads when you are ready to buy your first vape pen. Should you go with the convenience of disposable cannabis vape pens or the premium features of a reusable pen? Both have their own set of pros and cons, so there is no right or wrong decision.

This guide will help you make up your mind with an in-depth review of each type of vape pen.

Vaping with Vaporizers
While shopping for vape products, you'll notice a lot of vape-related accessories out there. Disposables are simply compact vaporizers that don't contain any removable modules. These pens also don't require any prior vape knowledge to use; press the button and go.

There are a number of types of vaporizers out there, though. You have desktop vaporizers that look like science equipment, portable vaporizers that are much larger than pen-size, and more.

Disposable Cannabis Vape Pens
Why would anyone, besides first-timers, buy disposable cannabis vape pens? That question comes up a lot in a highly competitive market like the cannabis industry. In 2017, disposable pens made up 23 percent of the market, so the demand is still there.

The discreet nature of disposable vape pens is their biggest draw. They can easily fit into a pocket and get mistaken for a writing pen. Disposables are usually lightweight and durable enough to take a drop.

The overall prices of the top durable pen brands can range anywhere from 1/5th to 1/10th of reuseable vaporizers. You don't need any extra accessories and you don't even need to charge a disposable.

Their batteries are made to outlast their cartridges well after they've been depleted. This is great for anyone who hates having to recharge devices all day.

Major Cons
If you don't fit into the target demographic of disposable vape pens, then you'll immediately notice the flaws. The hits are weaker, it's harder to get a smooth draw, and the overall value seems off. As you're going through pens, you'll start to think about how little effort it would take to change out the atomizer and cartridge to save a few bucks.

You'll feel restricted when searching for specific blends. Disposable pens only cater to introductory audiences with basic THC and CBD blends. The cost of using disposable pens adds up if you vape on a daily basis.

Reusable Vape Pens
There are various levels of reusable vape pens, but as long as you can swap the cartridge and recharge it, that's all that counts. There are some models that come with various attachments, hybrid cartridges, and temperature settings. All of these things help customize the vaping experience.

The characteristics of the vapor can range from subtle to really stark in contrast to what you get from disposables. Pulling off vape tricks is almost more of a challenge with disposable cannabis vape pens. Getting those dense, high volume clouds is only possible through custom vaporizers.
Universal perks among reusable vape pens include not being limited on cartridge brands, long-lasting batteries, and replaceable mouthpieces. If you were to drop your vaporizer, the mouthpiece is the most likely part to break. It's nice being able to easily replace it and keep going.

Customizing and Freedom
Reusable vaporizers often come with an industry standard known as 510 threading. This is the screw pattern for replaceable parts. What that means is you can go out and buy any third party part to replace your original.

Want a glass tip instead of the stock plastic mouthpiece? Prefer a bigger battery? Want to experiment with different atomizers?

All of these things are possible with vaporizers using 510 threads. The price difference between disposable and reusable vape pens starts to look thin with this factoring in. A few replaced cartridges and atomizers and you're already spending less than buying a whole new pen each time you run out.

E-Juices, Waxes, and Flowers
The most glaring advantage to reusable vape pens comes with experiencing different types of herbs and materials. When it comes to e-juices, there's an entire world of flavors, vapor
characteristics, and potency. Cannabis waxes aren't even an option with disposables.

Plus, there's nothing better than grabbing your favorite herbs and vaping them on the go. There's a whole world of opportunity for herbal blends, too. You can even find hybrid pens these days that allow you to easily swap between carts, herbs, and waxes.

The future is among us, my friends.

Final Verdict
After reading this, you may assume that we've already made up our minds. Reusable vape pens obviously win in nearly every category. Actually, disposable cannabis vape pens are the perfect way to introduce vaping.

If you find a really great brand that delivers consistent results, why would you mess with a good thing? It's not like you can't do both. Carry a disposable pen with you as a backup or secondary vape needs.

Learn More
When you take everything into consideration, yes, it is easier to use disposable cannabis vape pens. No, we don't recommend everyone doing that for their first experience. It might not be a good one.

We all react in different ways to different medicines, including nature's own. We want to take this opportunity to tell everyone to educate themselves, or friends, about vaping. Black Monk a really good blog that has all the information you could ask for on various health and wellness topics.
You'll find news, reviews, and information on every big health topic. You'll also find tips, recommendations, and health shops to help you save time and money.

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