I Hate You Simply Because I Love You!
Some women will act extra bitchy to you because deep inside they really love you. I know this might seem crazy, but that’s the truth…
Put yourself in the girl’s shoes in a minute. Imagine that you’re in the club and you spot a girl you like. Imagine that instead of playing silly games and sending you cryptic messages, the girl comes right up to you and starts a conversation…

You’re so shocked by her bold approach that your automatic reaction is to act aloof so that she doesn’t think you like her to much. She misinterprets your coldness as a sign that you don’t like her. She leaves and you stay there feeling like crap.

Well, this is exactly what goes on in the mind of women everyday. The last thing they want is to look easy and they’ll often act like they absolutely hate you so they don’t give their interest away. And the more she likes you, the bitchier she may act! And when a girl really likes you and starts to feel hot and bothered by your presence, she will often walk away in panic. And I’m sure you’ve done the same thing before…

Another reason why a girl might act extra bitchy even though she is physically attracted to you is sexual frustration. Sometimes, girls will send subtle signs that she actually wants to sleep with you right away. If you fail to pick up on these signs, she will get more and more irritated, especially if she really likes you and you might feel like it’s because you did something wrong or that she doesn’t really like you.

The best way to tell between sexual frustration and plain whole bitchiness is by initiating physical contact and see how she reacts to it. Make sure that it flows naturally with your interaction and don’t touch her just for the sake of it. And it doesn’t need to be sexual, a slight touch on the arm will do.
See how she reacts to your touch, it will give you an idea of how she really feels about you. If she doesn’t remove your hand and she looks comfortable with you touching her that usually means that she’s enjoying your touch and that her bitchy attitude is really an act. A girl that truly doesn’t like you will remove your hand instantly and will be offended that you’ve actually touched her.

The only way to see if a girl really likes you, even if she’s acting like she hates you, is by looking for conflicting body language and doing compliance tests. For me, if a girl seems to act suspiciously bitchy around me, but answers all of my questions and constantly tries to qualify herself to me, I can tell right away that she’s playing a game and I will punch through the wall until I get her to drop her mask… If a girl really doesn’t like you, she will either completely ignore you or physically show you to go away.

To me, any interaction, even bitchiness, is an attempt to establish rapport, and as long as she doesn’t clearly shows that she doesn’t want to interact with me I will continue to impose my frame until I get the response that I want.

This is what’s commonly known as the “bitch shield”.  While it can be scary to some, true pick up artists absolutely love it and the satisfaction you’ll get when you finally get a girl to drop her act and show you her real self is just awesome… So don’t be afraid next time a girl throws her bitch shield at you and be persistent with your approach, you might be surprised at what may happen…

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