The Top Fun Games to Play With Your Dog
A study from 2012 shows that dogs are empathic towards their owners and love to frolic in the company of someone they enjoy. Fidos work on a basic rule 'you play with them, you stay with them'. It’s important for you to spend time with them - let them seize your attention, and romp around with you. It’s why it’s important that you look for a dog boarding Toronto service should you be out of town.

That way, they can still enjoy games and interact with other dogs – which will keep them mentally healthy. Plus, dog boarding Toronto services ensure your pet is well looked after – something you would want when you are not around.

The Best Games You Can Play With Your Dog

Here are some fun games you can try with your pet-

Play frisbee with Fido

You might have heard of this one already. Playing frisbee with your friends is cool but have you ever played it with your dog? If not, then try challenging it for this and you will know who’s better. Once they have got the eye on the target it can’t be missed. 

Doggies love chasing their target, this incorporates fetching frisbees. Don't worry, you don't necessarily have to run with them for this. They will be a great sport at this.

Train Fido to meditate with you

Dogs make great yoga partners just in case if you are looking for one you don't have to go places scouting for them, they are the ones with tail probably dozed off at the corner of the room. You may have to train them at first but once they get the hang of it, they will soon turn from yoga partner to yoga master. 

Great competitors for tug-of-war

Looking for someone to have one on one in tug-of-war, well then grid up your loins as none other than that four-legged friend of yours is up for one. Remember how he snatches its toy from you so just be careful don't take it for a granted bud. Your dog can be really tough at times when it comes to competing because they don’t like to lose.

Running, jogging can be a good sport

Ever tried racing with your dog? It must have won every other time. Instead of taking your dog to morning or evening walks, take it for jogging with you. Once they start going running or jogging with you then there's nothing stopping them making this a routine for you. Also, this is how you can keep a check on your dog's fitness so why not.

Splash games
Dogs may throw tantrums when it’s time to bath but this doesn’t necessarily mean they have issues playing in water. Every activity can be fun when if you make it fun. Dogs love playing with sprinklers. They can also go swimming with you. Once they get indulged in this activity, they will thoroughly enjoy it. You may want to start planning a pool party at your place this weekend.

Take it out for a ride
Bike rides or car rides either of them is a fun experience for dogs. Some dogs are afraid of bike rides at first, so take it slow for them. Once they are congenial to these rides you can take them out on your bike or car. They will certainly love spending their evenings on a roll with you.

What’s the best game that you have played with your pet? Let us know below. We offer dog boarding services GTA in a home environment, create free in a trendy dog-friendly neighbourhood. We help your dogs enjoy their time, as much as they would with you

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