5 Best Birthday Party Food Ideas
Let's be honest, apart from presents, food is the most important thing at a birthday party. You can survive the not so great music choices when you have something tasty to look forward to. It is important that the menu is in agreement with the theme of the party and that it complements the entire event. In addition, you should also pay extra attention to the presentation so that the food is not only tasty but also quite memorable. Here are five great ideas that you can implement when deciding on a birthday party food selection.

Let's start with some appetizers
These are a must to keep guest from going hungry before the party starts. You can opt for mini meatballs, some nice spreads that have different varieties of cheese and meat and don’t forget the ever needed pickles and olives to balance out the flavours. You can pair these up with some finely sliced baguettes or even bruskets depending on your taste. Of course, you can always save yourself some time and opt for a great catering service. And as most Americans know, you can’t beat the quality of catering in NYC, they are the best a what they do, and you can be sure your birthday party is in good hands.
Keep it simple
In case you still want to do it on your own, make sure you don't go overboard with complicated, difficult dishes. For the main course you can always opt for fish or chicken dishes with some seasonal vegetables. They are healthy, relatively easy to make and are definitely going to be party favourites. Homemade fish sticks or mini chicken burgers can be a great option. You won’t have to spend too much time on decoration as the great taste will speak for itself. Make sure you provide your guest with an abundance of different sauces and some great seasonal salads so that they can make their own combos.
Something for everybody
It is important that you pay attention to your guests’ eating preferences. You can ask them to send you any requests along with their birthday RSVPs. That way you can make sure you have some vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options available. That way no one will go hungry and your guest are bound to appreciate your effort. In this case some imaginative salad recipes can be a great option. You can go with the famous cranberry mango millet salad or the fun sweet nibbly bits potato salad that is the definite crowd pleaser.
Cake is never enough
Cake is important, here is no doubt about it, but you also need to offer your guest other varieties when it comes to deserts. Some fine chocolate-dipped fruit is always a great option. Add to that a selection of muffins and cupcakes and top it off with a chocolate fountain. You can’t go wrong with this combo. It will not only wow your guests but also ensure that everyone gets something sweet even if they are not huge cake lovers.
Don’t forget to pack a gift
As a special treat for your guests you can prepare little food gift bags for them to take home. Each bag should be a combo of savoury and sweet treats specially designed to commemorate the occasion. Depending on the theme of the party you can opt for specific colors, content and taste. But don't forget to pay special attention to packaging. You could do a cute bag of nut mix and top that off with homemade cookies, or some fruit. There are no limits to choices when it comes to this party favour.

There you have it, all ready for the big day, have fun and give your guests the best gastronomic experience ever.

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