Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal and other questions

There are a number of different methods of hair removal with shaving and waxing being very common. Often people want to know the difference between other forms of hair removal that are not as well known; electrolysis vs laser hair removal.

With electrolysis a very fine needle is inserted into the skin. The needle penetrates into the follicle and sends an electric shock to it.

This kills the hair right at the root. When performed properly the hair is permanently eliminated.
With laser hair removal light heats the hair follicle and kills the melanin but does not kill the follicle so the hair is likely to regrow albeit lighter and finer.

So, when considering electrolysis vs laser hair removal what is the best choice?

One of the main considerations is that electrolysis is performed on one hair at a time. If you have a few hairs on your chin you would like to get rid of the electrolysis vs laser hair removal question is clear.

But if you have a larger area of unwanted hair, electrolysis can be very time consuming, painful and expensive and in the electrolysis vs laser hair removal debate, laser hair removal is the clear winner.

In addition, there is the cost factor. Laser hair removal cost tends to be cheaper than electrolysis if a large area is to be treated. For smaller areas electrolysis may be more affordable.

What you need to know about Laser Hair removal

As a rule, people fear what they do not understand, and there is perhaps no more misunderstood technological advancement in the past couple of decades than lasers. When people think of lasers, their imaginations go wild with all kinds of sci-fi and fantasy visions.

For some reason, lasers have a certain bond with death and destruction - a problematic assumption that laser hair removal equipment manufacturers and specialists have to deal with day after day.

Nevertheless, not all lasers are bad. Let’s take laser pointers, for example. These are low wattage and completely harmless beams of light that are thrown out from a device powered by a lowly battery. Those lasers undoubtedly can’t slice people in half or shoot down missiles. And so is the case with laser hair removal equipment. Such devices are completely harmless and are designed for only one purpose - to remove bothersome hair all over your body.

Laser Hair Removal Facts

Laser Hair removal equipment company – Bareskin have told us the laser traditionally based on a ruby or another mineral known as alexandrite, shoots a beam of light that is not powerful enough to hurt your skin but is perfect for destroying the hair follicle and the hair bulb - preventing hair growth in areas hit by the laser. This laser, through excellent targeting and low power consumption, simply cannot damage a n individual’s skin - no matter how long it shines on the same spot.

Now let’s compare the laser hair removal equipment used by laser hair removal specialists to other kinds of hair removal techniques. Recently, one of the most effective methods to remove hair was by using a sort of hair removal cream. You’ve probably seen these products advertised on television as “completely harmless.” But you shouldn’t rub a cream on you, made of unknown chemicals, that makes your hair fall out and not return for months on end. It could be anything in those products - even chemicals that are dangerous or deadly when used for long periods of time.

If compare to the harmless laser hair removal equipment that modern hair removal specialists are now using, the choice seems clear. You shouldn’t risk your life by using a hair removal cream when you could simply visit a laser hair removal specialist and get a treatment that is certainly harmless and uses only the newest equipment available?

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