How to choose a walkie-talkie? Tips for sales managers.
A similar problem is faced by almost every person who is poorly versed in radio communications. The fact is that such a technique has many characteristics that determine its capabilities. Not every specialist can competently choose the most optimal option, not to mention ordinary customers. The parameters of radio stations include multilevel, transmitter power, range, weight of equipment, support for various frequencies, formats and standards, degree of protection of channels, overall dimensions and grid pitch, which divides the territory into squares. More on how to talk on the walkie-talkie read

By scope of application, radio stations can be divided into several categories: automobile, aviation, marine, amateur, professional, baby monitors, repeaters. The difference between them is mainly in the operational characteristics.
Aviation devices can be found on board aircraft and other aircraft. The main feature of this equipment is considered to be its ability to maintain working capacity under abrupt changes in temperature and pressure. Signal quality always remains good. Shaking for a walkie-talkie is not terrible. The device is simple to operate, so anyone can figure it out. Among the disadvantages of technology, one can distinguish high cost and narrow scope. In fact, such devices are only needed by pilots.
Car stations are considered one of the most popular and widespread, along with amateur ones. Taxi drivers and truckers have long mastered such equipment, which ensures uninterrupted communication at a decent distance. A clear advantage of walkie-talkies is that communication on them is absolutely free, in comparison with mobile phones. Drivers are not dependent on the performance of cellular channels. Equipment of this type has almost no drawbacks. Unless it's cheap, and the protection of the transmitted signal is weak.
From the very name of marine radio stations , it becomes clear where and how they are usually used. In the open ocean, it is practically impossible to maintain communication, which means that the only option is radios. Marine technology is characterized by increased range and signal transmission power. Devices belong to the class of professional and highly specialized. Accordingly, they are even very decent.
Amateur and portable walkie-talkies- One of the most affordable means of individual and operational communication between people. The range of such devices is very wide, so finding a cheap model should not be difficult. The price / quality rule works for this technique. The more expensive the selected radio station, the more it is functional and reliable. In most cases, the range of portable devices does not exceed 10 kilometers. The equipment supports the use of a limited number of channels and only a few communication standards. However, for private use, these radios are best suited. In particular, this type of equipment is used by representatives of law enforcement and security agencies. The devices support signal encoding, which means that the transmitted information is almost impossible to intercept.
For professional equipment include radio, having improved performance characteristics. Most often they are used by the military. The quality of the transmitted signal, the degree of its encoding, coverage of the territory and other indicators of this technique are at the highest level. Professional equipment is very expensive, and some models are not even available to ordinary customers. In any case, such walkie-talkies are incredibly useful, reliable and practical.
Baby monitors were created to control young children during their sleep or when parents cannot be constantly around. The devices are the simplest walkie-talkies, one of which is installed indoors with a child, and the second is carried by an adult. The range of the equipment is minimal. Other characteristics are also not the highest. On the other hand, the requirements for baby monitors are minimal. The main thing is to protect children, with which the equipment does an excellent job. The low price of devices makes them affordable for most people.
Repeaters are specific transmitters necessary to increase the operating range of standard radio stations. Two or more walkie-talkies are connected to the device. It significantly enhances the signal, so the communication technology will function successfully even at a considerable distance.

What should I look for when choosing a walkie-talkie?
Earlier it was said that radio stations have a number of characteristics that determine the possibilities of their operation. Understanding these indicators will help to choose the most optimal option.
First of all, attention should be paid to the ranges of equipment operation . It can be CB (up to 27 MHz), VHF (134-174 MHz), UHF (400-470 MHz). The difference between them is the penetration of the signal. The higher the frequency, the better the connection in the urban landscape with many obstacles in the form of buildings and other structures. It is also worth noting that the UHF and VHF bands cannot be used without a license.
Another important feature of the radio is the support of communication standards.These include CB, LPD433, PMR446, GMRS, FRS. They determine the number of channels and operating frequency ranges. Most portable radios support an 8 or 16 channel communication format.
A useful feature of many devices is support for VOX technology. It consists in activating the equipment with a voice or extraneous sounds. Baby monitors just work on this principle. As soon as the baby begins to cry, the device will immediately transmit a signal. Security and security officials also value the VOX feature. In the case of an armed attack, a person does not always have the opportunity to turn on the radio, and with the sound activation of his intervention is not required.
Radius of actionequipment directly depends on the power of the transmitter. The range of functioning of equipment in urban conditions and in the open is different. Various obstacles create serious problems for signal transmission.
To protect the transmitted information, a scrambler can be installed on the radio stations. It automatically encrypts speech. At the same time, a similar apparatus is also installed on the receiving device, which decrypts the data.
The battery capacity determines the operating time without recharging. For portable models, it is usually small, but professional equipment is able to successfully operate on a single battery for several days.
An important indicator of a radio station is the level of its physical protection.Most devices are assigned a two-digit index. The first determines the degree of physical protection of the housing, and the second - moisture resistance. The higher the number, the more reliable the technique.

An incredible variety of radios makes it possible to choose the perfect option for each individual case. When choosing a station, you should decide in advance how it will be used. Depending on this, the optimum performance and type of equipment will already be determined. If you are looking for a good and functional walkie-talkie, you should not save on

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