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Interior Valeting Car Cleaning

Cleaning your car interior is a very important step to keep on top of your vehicle. Interior valeting Burnley includes seat cleaning & shampooing of your fabrics & carpets. Your door cards & dashboard should be cleaned & scrubbed & all fabric on the door cards shampooed.

Car seats can very easily get stained; normally the stain you see is a water mark and can easily be removed. Spillages in the main are drinks such as tea & coffee or juice, milk or food & ink. However some drinks do contain dyes which will actually dye your fabric.

Your boot area can get quite heavily soiled if you make runs to the tip when you remove rubbish, especially if you don’t use a boot proctor to protect that area.

A sheet or a piece of fabric or rubber can make a massive difference to help protect your boot area.

Cleaning your leather seats will keep them in tip top condition, use a mild cleaning chemical and get a small brush into the seams to remove the dirt. Leather seats can be scrubbed with a Tampico brush. Once you have completed this you should protect & condition your leather with your favourite leather balm cream.

Happy car cleaning

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